The Tomorrow House is a space that creates the potential for reconnection, recentering and rebirth. A space where you can feel seen, held and loved.

We encourage conversations about how it feels and what it means to be born and to die - not just into and out of our earthly bodies, but out of and into new phases of life: through the thresholds of childhood into adolescence, menarche, pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, pregnancy loss and menopause.

We also offer specialized personal and professional development for those called to hold space for families experiencing the sorrow of pregnancy loss.

We are reclaiming a world

where our daughters are witnessed, celebrated and supported during their transition from childhood, though menarche and adolescence into womanhood.

Offerings For Girls

We are reclaiming a world

where women are celebrated during each pregnancy, where they feel powerful and respected while birthing and where planning for postpartum is the norm.

Offerings In Pregnancy

We are reclaiming a world

where new parents are witnessed, held and supported by their communities and where the work of parenthood is fully acknowledged and spoken to.

Offerings for the postpartum time

We are reclaiming a world

where women and families experiencing the sorrow of pregnancy loss feel nurtured, seen and held, and receive the support they really need from their friends, families, communities and health care providers.

Offerings For Pregnancy Loss

Holding these acts of reclamation in your mind, imagine what our houses of tomorrow could look and feel like. Imagine the strength of our communities and the changes that we could make palpable in the world.